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Cindy Brady ("")

Rescued 05/24/11, Forever Foster (not available for adoption)

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Adult (5-9 Years)

Tweenie (13-17 lbs.)

No Young Children,
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Sweet Cindy Brady is from our SPCA recovery group. She has glaucoma and it was feared early on that she might lose an eye. However, after a couple weeks on medication, she was suddenly able to see some. Can you imagine her excitement?

She is a pretty girl at 4 years old, with a history of almost no previous vet care.

Imagine how excited she would really be if you found room in your heart for her. She's ready to get comfortable in a loving home today!

From Cindy B's new foster mom: Cindy has a fantastic attitude after what she's been through. She's so full of life and happiness and is such a sweet and lovely pup. She relaxed and got comfortable as soon as we brought her home.

Update from Cindy B's foster mom: Cindy B. is doing great. She is so full of life and love for life that you just cannot help but feel happy for her. She enjoys being rubbed and hugged a lot and she’s quick to give affection in return :) Her improving vision has not reduced her ability to love people and enjoy her new life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be with her while she awaits her (lucky) first forever family.

Update: Cindy B's eyesight continues to improve daily. She's eating well and enjoys romping with her four foster siblings.

Update: Miss Cindy Brady… she is simply too cute! She is now 100% comfortable in her new foster environment and is finally starting to act like a puppy; playing with her toys and running all over the yard. It seems as if she may have missed out on the experience of a real puppy phase, and is now taking full advantage of it… enjoying everything.

It’s hard to believe that her initial evaluation, after rescue from the puppy mill, indicated her vision was somewhat impaired, because now you’d never know it. Her eyesight has improved so much over such a short time. Clear things, such as windows, sliding glass doors and the water bowl still present a slight challenge for her, but with continued daily improvement, it doesn’t stop her one bit from really loving her life!

On the 4th of July, Cindy B's foster family took her out for a walk. She did quite well on a leash and she loved being out and hanging with the rest of the gang...

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Last Updated: 08/19/14

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