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Jaeger ("")

Rescued 04/06/09, Forever Foster (not available for adoption)

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Adult (5-9 Years)

Tweenie (13-17 lbs.)

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Jaeger is a happy-go-lucky love bug. He is between 2-4 yrs old and is a 13 lb, red, short-haired Dachshund. He was rescued at the 11th hour by DROH and was badly malnourished and full of heartworms. Not only could you see all his ribs and bones along his spine, but also all the bones in his tail. He has fully recovered and we can now see his beautiful, shiny auburn hair.

Jaeger is playful, easy-going and loves to be loved on. He greets new people with enthusiasm and charm, looking for belly rubs and scratches. He loves snuggling, chasing and wrestling (very quietly) with other playful dogs. His favorite thing to do is go for his daily walk or burrow into a blanket or a fresh laundry basket.

Unlike other doxies, he is very calm at dinner time and casually eats throughout the day. Hes not much of a licker but he makes up for it in snuggles. He has a slight independent streak, as he will put himself to bed at 10pm.

Jaeger does not need to be kenneled when we leave the house. He has not had an accident inside the house yet, so we would say hes 95% potty trained. He does not ask to go outside but knows what to do when he gets out there. While we are out of the house, he is not destructive and just sleeps either in his open kennel or on the couch. At night, Jaeger sleeps on the bed, curled up in a tiny ball right next to you and does not move nor get in the way. Hes a very good little boy who is eager to please.

In July 2010, Jaeger wad diagnosed with a congenital liver condition. His prognosis is poor so we changed his status to Forever Foster.

Click on the link to see a video of Jaeger playing with a ball.

Click on the link to see a video of Jaeger relaxing with his foster mom in the office.

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